Mashud 99 ft Sapashini ~ Tinkpang poa (village girl) mp3 download

 Are you ready for a musical journey that will transport you to the heart of the African continent? Look no further than "Tikpang Poa," the latest hit song from Mashud and Sapashini.

This collaboration between two of the biggest names in northern Ghana music is a love song that expresses the beauty and charm of a village girl. The song captures the essence of traditional African music while infusing it with modern elements, making it a unique and refreshing addition to any playlist.

The lyrics are both romantic and poetic, as Mashud and Sapashini pour out their hearts in praise of the village girl. The melody is infectious, with an upbeat rhythm that will have you tapping your feet and singing along in no time.

"Tikpang Poa" is not just a song, it's an experience. With its vibrant sound and soulful lyrics, it's sure to capture the hearts of music lovers everywhere. The song is a perfect blend of African rhythms, soulful vocals, and catchy beats that will have you dancing all night long.

Whether you're a fan of African music or just looking for a new addition to your playlist, "Tikpang Poa" is a must-listen. It's a love song that will make you fall in love with northern music all over again. So, what are you waiting for? Download "Tikpang Poa" today and let Mashud and Sapashini transport you to the heart of northern Ghana and the whole Africa.

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