Basma Ambi ~ dimimanga ( happy yourself ) official mp3 song


Basma Ambi the multi talented northern base singer never disappoint. He has dropped his much awaited hit single titled 'DIMIMANGA' (happy yourself) one of the biggest motivation to everyone that is sorrowful. 

Dimimanga is a real life motive and an advice the starman delivered to everyone most especially to his fans. He advice everyone to be happy regardless of the situation you finds yourself in. he stress that the world has no part two and so man has to enjoy your life to the fullest before you die. 

Basma Ambi has proven time and time that he is most creative and he has actually proven such in this tune. He has delivered a wonderful and powerful  lirics that will keep you wondering where his gotten his gotten his wisdom from. 

If you are always unhappy because of a worldly issue that keeps bothering you, you need no motivational speaker but this tune. This is the best motivation for you.

We wouldn't endorse adding this tune to your playlist if we didn't think it merited the work — and we trust it merits the work, so add it now!

Enjoy Dimmimanga below 

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