Maccasio disgrace pundit's by topping off the Aliu Mahama Sports Stadium.

 Afrobeat artist and rapper Sheriff Abdl Majeed famous know as Maccasio disgrace pundit's by topping off the Aliu Mahama Sports Stadium.

An individual can be known in his own nation and then some, a forerunner in the music business, and a superstar of sorts, yet it amounts to nothing. An individual can be exceptionally well known in his nation of origin and that also ages significantly news five minutes after the fact. As he was preparing to help top off the Stadium  with his group pulling Afrobeat rap shows throughout the long term, we pondered: for what reason is the Maccasio cheerful by any means?

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It's very self-evident; he's cheerful on the grounds that he knows that his fans ( 69 fans) are pleased to have him as their trailblazer, their chief. He has developed himself from nothing into what he is presently. He's accomplished something extraordinary — he's become showbiz royalty. But however he has prevailed in life up until this point, there is as yet something different for him to do — and that can emerge out of inside. He wants to keep occupied with something beyond music and visits; he should likewise track down approaches to remaining applicable even after retirement. An ability this incredible should not disappear with such ease — it ought to forge ahead with well after its pinnacle years.

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I'm not by any means the only one who suspected as much. Maccasio's exhibition at the Tamale Sports Stadium  sold out to a limit of around 20 ,000 individuals in a day. This is remarkable and is a demonstration of his diligent effort and consistency.

Maccasio has been a motivation to numerous impending artistes of Northern Ghana as he has had the option to cross boundaries with his music. He is perhaps Northern Ghana's greatest music send out with melodies like, "Bohasi", " Dagomba girl" Glory and "Your under", which are as yet causing disturbances in the music industry.

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He has worked with artistes like Shatta wale, Sarkodie, Jupiter  and others making him a commonly recognized name in the Northern Ghana music industry as well as other significant urban communities in the country.

Maccasio's adoration for music brought forth his interesting way of singing and rapping which is not normal for anything we have at any point seen. This his affection is without a doubt the explanation he guarantee northern music majesty.

The lord show was highlighted with tall rundown of the northern Ghana music industry's best artistes including Sapashini , Israhim, Teflon flex, Don dee, Don Sigli, Shaban and others. All media houses present vouches for the way that the show was a success.

You'd be pardoned for not knowing precisely who Maccasio is, yet he's potentially Northern Ghana's greatest music send out somewhat recently. His " The rulers Show" in Tamale denoted an achievement throughout the entire existence of diversion in northern Ghana . The occasion was completely filled with individuals from varying backgrounds meeting up to help the performer. The air at the grounds was jolting as each and every demonstration got in front of an audience and played out their hit melodies. Here are a few shots from when Maccasio exploded the spot .

Video shot from the program beneath

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