Fancy Gadam guarantees his presents to perform at Sapashini's "Live Life" concert

Ghanaian artist and entertainer, Ahmed Mujahid Bello, expertly known as Fancy Gadam guarantees to address live at Sapashini's "Live Life" concert in Accra.

Lately, Fancy Gadam has recorded a few situations where he's been kept on bills and later on won't turn up on the show, which presently keeps the vast majority in tension at whatever point he's on a bill to perform.

After Fancy Gadam's exhibition flyer was divulged, netizens posed inquiries just to be certain the Ruler will be accessible on the 25th December 2022 at the Bokum Boxing Arena to help Sapashini.

The Total Cheat hit producer at long last confirmed his appearance in a remark segment on Sapashini's post on Facebook.

In an essential promptitude corresponding to the "Live Life" concert at the Bokum Confining Field Accra,the Monica hit creator posted Fancy's exhibition flyer with a spellbinding subtitle.

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Then, the 1 Don clarified on the post, finding out the majority that the "Live Life" concert in Accra is totally his.

The following is the screen capture of the post


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