Don Ziggy ~ Never loose mp3 song. Download now!


Don Ziggy can't be halted!

The promising performer from Yelzoli has recently dropped his eagerly awaited hit single "Never loose." The Northern Ghana afro dancehall craftsman is rapidly building up some decent forward movement in the area's music industry. Individuals are discussing this new track via virtual entertainment stages like TikTok, and it's not difficult to see the reason why — it's a Frantic tune.

This melody was delivered by Peabeat, another famous Northern Ghanaian maker, and the outcome is a smooth, snappy tune that will keep you listening over and over.

We wouldn't prescribe adding this melody to your playlist on the off chance that we didn't think it was worth the effort — and we believe it's worth the effort, so add it now!

Download melody underneath for your listening joy



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