You are a liar ~ De Donzy to Fancy gadam


Fancy Gadam and his musical twin, striker De Donzy, don't seem  to get along  for a while. However, the origin of their acidic relationship is unknown. However, after Fancy Gaddam revealed in a recent interview with  NTV DINCHANA SHOW trender G-Face the forward De Donzy hit  Asadaachi, who first introduced his ideas, forward De Donzy fancy. The situation becomes clearer as you counterattack Gadam. 


 In a Facebook post seen by Northstarsmusic, forward De Donzy responded by flagging an already tagged ungrateful singer as a big liar. 


 Below is what he said,

It’s said that when lies are paraded for long time and the truth isn’t said, the lies are always taken as the truth!

I was looking for a good evidence of your lies, you have spread this fake news for a very long time and I was hearing them by “hearsay”.

But today you granted an interview and you boldly spewed that same lie again and I won’t keep quiet and let you mislead the public.

Ahmed Mujahid Bello you are a very big liar by saying “Asadachi” belongs to you before you gave it to me. 

If I can remember correctly, we both met at Dr fiza studio and we both contributed to the production of Asadachi. At the time we entered the studio, you had no idea about Asadachi. You had no song like that on your mind. Asadachi came up to my mind through our old song “School Fees” from there I mentioned “Asadachi” and we both started the contributions and we produced it. 

I told you in the studio that I will do the chorus but you said no you will do the chorus and because you were a senior to me I didn’t argue with you…

It’s now I realize that you had this evil intentions in mind by saying you will do the chorus. 

Hmm you made it look like I’m an ungrateful person, but you see me ? I won’t let this pass, I will expose all the lies and the evil you plotted against me. I never knew you will bring it up to this level, just watch out. 

DrFiza Beat Bey you were the producer and a witness to the production of Asadachi. Pls tell the public the truth about this…

Granting and interview soon… 😡

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