Unbelievable as One Naira's Manager revealed secrets of how One naira betrayed him on a Facebook post

"Greed, ungratefulness, and pride are rampant in the music industry, according to Bluebeat. On his Facebook page, he lamented the ungratefulness, greed, and pride that he saw. It's all about the music, not the money. The artist, their supporters, and their fans should all be focused on the music. Artists are greedy and ungrateful because they believe they should have more than they currently do. They want more money, more fame, a larger fanbase, or all three at the same time!"
This bluebeat post reflected on what is happening now between One naira and his manager. In a Facebook post One Naira manager lamented and revealed a lot of secrets about what his artist did to him. According to him, One Naira snubbed him and start doing his own things after he has help him from the time he was nobody.  This has been the story for discussion on the biggest social media platform.  
Below is exactly what his manager  wrote on Facebook., 
"(The Truth Part 1 )
Life is full of Surprises I didn’t wanted to saying anything about the betrayal, Greediness and the Ungratefulness I don’t want to say much , We signed official Agreement documents Since 2015 to work together and we have work together for about 6/7 years solid until ,He started doing his own music business without informing me ,Bookings for Ft,Shows,Created his own YouTube channel , #Onenira started misbehaving after we got a Collaboration with (Stoneboy) , He one day call to inform me now his Nigerian Ebo brother want to support him now and he will be moving to stay in Accra now to start his music career, I told him I’m cool and ready to support him forever, Not knowing he wanted to be on his own now because small coins started coming, I hold nothing against you bcs I will not destroy what I have build from scratch,Financially,Physically,Spiritually , I care you,Clothes you and support u 💯 , I wash your clothes and shoes, a lot of Sleepless night, I cry 😭 for you,I stand behind you weather good or bad.

I lost my car which got accident on our way from Upper West Region 2017 and the Car got Destroyed, The truth of the matter is that you broke my heart for not showing up on our late Father 3days Prayers and the Final Adua Prayers , I asked my Mom your number one Fan she said she didn’t see you and I didn’t believe and I have asked all my family and friends until your best friend came Nelly Gh and I told him since I saw you after we came back from the Burial you didn’t show up till now Hmmmmm. 

I lost a pillar and a father you didn’t stand beside me and you went to Accra to Shoot a video which I wasn’t aware of and none of the Team knows about it, You recorded the Song without my notice (Gbana Maa Ft Onenira - Baba ) Prod by DrFiza Beat Bey and Director by #Anass Directorr Anas and you never Apologize , I believe in Almighty Allah and I have faith in my heart everything happened for a reason Peace 🙏🙏🙏!
#DN_Entertainment #Topteam_Forever 💪"
Meanwhile  One Naira later wrote on the same Facebook denying what his manager said about him.  
Below is what One naira also posted on Facebook, 
'Dear maneger, 
I came to see you recently at your fathers house ,? We talked, I apologized we even spoke of the future  so why?? 

Is it because of the song?? Cuz I Neva said anything insulting against you everything I said was what everybody already knew all I did was debunk rumors 

I have never denied the fact that you have helped me , so much,  but maneger you know some of the things you wrote isn’t true !!! 

Last night it was pointed out to me that it’s not enough to go to the burial buh u have to go to the final prayers ( I DIDNT KNOW) 
And maneger you know this , I am sorry that I wasn’t there for you then , I know you were going through a lot , I was going through stuff too ( which I explained to you in our meeting)

As for me doing songs taking money, going to shows and opening a YouTube , something happened am happy u didn’t mention those things  and I won’t mention it too

Now to the reason I recorded this song

When I met you, I asked u all these questions cuz ppl kept asking me buh u said u had no involvement in them , that was the only reason I played that song 

I Know you maneger, sometimes you are quick to anger maybe that’s why u posted that , 

Finally , …I want you to know that no matter what you say I will never reveal our secrets , NEVA !!!  You are and always will be dear to me , 
I will call you when u have calmed down, I hope you pick up 🙏🙏🙏'

The internet has been abuzz about this issue for the past few hours sending many into a frenzy as they speculate. 

We have no idea what to expect from One Naira now as he has been in an on-off relationship with his manager for quite some time now. 

But we hope that their relationship will eoher stay strong or will finally bring them back together. The fans of the artist would love to see their favourite artiste together with his manager  again. 

Thoughts, comments and concerns are always welcome, so feel free to reach out via Whatsapp. Also, keep checking back with us as we will keep you updated on all the latest music industry news and happenings.

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