Fancy sents his regretting message to Dabba lamaley for his actions against him.


Gadam and Dabba are two inseparable friends. They have been through thick and thin together. No matter what happens, they remain the best of friends. But there is one thing that leaves their friendship shaken every time…

Fancy Gadam regrets any inappropriate actions or inactions that may have negatively affected Lamele. He has apologised to him if he felt his actions or inactions were inappropriate. He has also apologised to anyone who might have been offended by his lack of attention or neglecting to apologise for his actions or inactions. In a post on his profile, Fancy Gadam revealed that he sometimes has a lot to do that he might forget to apologise to those closest to him, and he regrets that anyone would feel that way.

Lamale has been bashing Fancy Gadam for ignoring his message for some days, even when he was sick. According to an interview, he believes that he is becoming the 'ruler of northern music' thanks to his recent success. Furthermore, he regrets his recent behaviour and calls on him to reconsider his decision.

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