Your Show is a flop - Mr Wumpini to Senior Bone jaraah

It's bad news for Senior Bone jaraah and his fans, because their recent show was a flop with less than 200 peoples in a stadium with a capacity of 5000 in attendance. Senior Bone has some work to do if he wants to improve the turn out of his shows. Music blogger Mr Wumpini says that Senior Bone needs to build up his fanbase by doing more Small shows around the country and releasing more songs with bigger artists. If he doesn't get his fanbase up, no one will come to see him perform.

A lot of people have been asking what’s going on with the hit show, and I wanted to speak directly to you about it. The truth is, the show has gone off in a direction I never intended or expected. For example, I always said if I were doing something else, then I would do it full-time. But this was never meant to be a full-time commitment. I put my heart and soul into this show because I love creating content that people find entertaining, informative and really helpful. But as most projects do, it evolved over time

You must create a brand for yourself before embarking on such an idea - Mr Wumpini said

Your signature and the way you connect with your audience is everything in this business. You have to work hard at it, put yourself out there and stay consistent. You need to give value even when you don't think anyone's watching because one day, they'll be watching and your efforts will pay off big time. There are no shortcuts here.Success doesn't happen overnight but if you keep working on yourself, growing your skills and being visible, people will start noticing you over time; especially if you're passionate about what you do. Artist need serious education he stressed. 

Below is a screenshot of his post on Facebook..

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