You criticize wrongly - Abdul Wahab Jaama to Northeast bloggers

I believe in what Pablo Picasso once said; “painting is the art of protecting brush and canvas from the truth.” I agree with him wholeheartedly because I have seen so much incompetence being displayed on social media by many people, who are not only painting wrongly but also putting their brush and canvass in danger.
Your English may be great at some point, but you need to learn how to use it well. I don’t know why it has become fashionable for some individuals on social media to twist information that suits their interest, especially when they want to embarrass someone. Sorry if you find this  quite disturbing it isn't personal but is a general statement for all that criticize wrongly. 
Mr Abdul Wahab Jaama who is one of the most popular entertainment analyst and a board member of NEMA rant a heavy punch to northern bloggers on a Facebook post. He stated that artists after winning awards remain relaxed but this criticize them not.
The year 2022 is sliding to its end, so all shows, award schemes and events will be a common sight every now and then. Jaama said bloggers wait until nomination time next year to criticize board of organizers for their nominations.
It's almost half of the year, so it's a good time to look back and reflect on what we've learned. Perhaps you found it difficult to find your way around the various awards platforms, or maybe you were critical about who was nominated for which award. This is an important part of developing an informed opinion about music, but it doesn't have to be done at someone else's expense. Industry players and musicians have put themselves out there and are open to criticism, but that doesn't mean organizing a campaign against them will be helpful in any way. Instead of being critical, work on promoting your own favorite artists and encouraging others to celebrate them with you.
According to Abdul Wahab Jaama, is quite insulting and unprofessional attitude of some bloggers towards colleagues who are in respectable offices and positions in the entertainment industry. He stated artist that won each of the categories including overall artist remain quite, no shows, no new songs or videos but remain silent till next year.
It all started when some bloggers took to their social media accounts some time ago to express displeasure about this year's awards.
They claimed the organizers are not recognizing true talents and on many occasions, people who do not deserve win in certain categories but it happens.
Some of the Northeast bloggers said: "We don't have a problem with who won at the NEMA but our problem is that NEMA doesn't recognize and encourage real talents from our region and they always give some of these awards to those who are not fit."
But in a swift reaction, Abdul Wahab Jaama,  the prominent Northeast entertainment pundits, has come out to defend NEMA organizers.
He argued that an award should not be looked at as something that can change or make an artiste suddenly famous saying if they did tonight, they will go back home tomorrow.
If you feel the list is not qualified, I will advise you promote the ones listed instead of wasting time criticizing organizers. This is done not to water down their efforts but make sure they work hard to maintain what they have achieved. He stated this and more are the factors considered by any awards scheme before nomination of artist.
Well, this is a good point but I think the bloggers have their own objectives when it comes to writing about an award scheme. Some do it for fun and some do it cause they are paid to write an article. I am a blogger and sometimes if you ask me to write about something that does not make any sense at all when you pay me, I will still go ahead and give you the best of my writing because I know one day, the same platform that paid me to write such nonsense will be willing to pay me more money to do what they want. So we should not just look at that part of blaming the bloggers, but we should also look at other factors. 
Below is a brotherly advice to our artistes who cannot pay bloggers to promote them. They can help themselves as well by being more active on social media rather than waiting for someone else who is better off than them in terms of online presence. We all know very well that there are certain people who manage certain artistes facebook pages so why can't these people use the pages of these artistes to promote them? You don't just sit down and wait for something good to happen or rather you don't sit down and wait for someone else who has more means than you have (like myself) to promote your music for free. So we should also consider how far we push ourselves before asking others who have a bigger platform than ours help us push further especially with regards to music promotion.

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