Why Fancy Gadam and Maccasio keep being on top in the northern music industry


Why Fancy Gadam and Maccasio keep being on top in the northern music industry

Musicians from the Northern region of Ghana have been rising quickly to the top of the music industry in Ghana.

This year, 2022, the northern Ghanaian music industry seems to be taking off. This is partly thanks to current music streaming platforms like Audiomack, Boomplay and YouTube that allow for a wider audience reach. It is worth noting that, these platforms have enabled the Zongo Music to gain wider audience reach far beyond the traditional style of music distribution. These streaming platforms allow artists access audiences in Ghana, Nigeria and the rest of Africa. It is also the result of several artists from the north taking the time to build their careers towards something bigger and bolder.

 Fancy Gadam and Maccasio are two of the biggest names in northern music. And they're not just big—they're staying big, even as other musicians fall by the wayside. It's easy to get wrapped up in the hype surrounding these two artists, but what's behind their success? Is it just that they're so good at what they do? Or is there something more?

To answer this question, we need to look no further than their teams. Both Fancy Gadam and Maccasio have worked hard to cultivate a loyal fan base, and it shows: 69 fans for Maccasio and Gadam nation for Fancy Gadam. These groups of supporters are willing to follow their favorite artists anywhere, from stage to stage and across social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube.

The secret behind Fancy Gadam's success isn't just his talent—it's also the network of support that has been built around him over time. His fans know that when they see him on stage or online, they're going to get something special: an experience that goes beyond just listening to music; it will be an event that they'll remember forever!

After fancy Gadam immerge from 5 minutes, he established himself very well while he was still at an underground level in Tamale. As a symbol of unity and prosperity, he constantly brought together other artists from other zones on his songs at the beginning of his career. The same goes for Maccasio who started out as a hip-hop and a hardcore rap artiste but switched to a different genre ( Afrobeat rap) which he seems to master. Another point worth noting is that both artists put in more work into their craft by incorporating many other factors into their art; for instance, Fancy Gadam's stage performance was great compared to others because he was able to perform with full energy and dance moves that set him apart from other performers.

These acts would have never been possible if these two acts didn't take time off to think through what they wanted before they jumped onto something new.

Fancy Gadam

One of these is Fancy Gadam, who has been dominating the scene recently with his unique take on Afrobeat. He is also a very talented performer, and in 2017 to 2022  alone, he was nominated for over 20 awards (and won almost 70%  of them)! His success is due to the way he incorporates Dagbani (the language of the Dagomba people from northern Ghana), Twi (the language of the Akans from southern Ghana), English and Hausa into his music. This allows him to deliver messages in his songs to a wide audience across both north and southern Ghana as well as Nigeria, where Hausa is spoken. By blending Dagbani, Twi, English and Hausa in his songs, he has created something uniquely northern which still appeals to a wider Ghanaian audience.

He's not only successful because of his musical style though; Fancy Gadam's ability to attract fans from different regions means that they can travel together peacefully at his shows—which are often held at bigger Venus where there aren't many opportunities for fights or altercations between rival groups.

In the music industry, there must be diversity for it to survive. And you may have not noticed but artistes in northern Ghana are really coming out strong to assert their dominance in the music industry and make their presence felt.


The other artist who has been making waves in this way is rapper Maccasio. He has a unique way of blending Dagbani, Twi, English and Hausa in his songs. His style of rapping is also very different and he has proven time and time again that he deserves to be called one of the best rappers from Ghana.

Maccasio hails from Tamale but living all over Ghana has also given him a chance to learn more languages which he uses in his music. Some of his hit songs include ‘Dagomba girl featuring R2bees Mugeez’, ‘inside' featuring Zeal of Vip group , 'Too big' and ' we must make am ' with Shatta wale and among others.

He too has been able to appeal across tribal lines through the medium of his music. One of the reasons why Maccasio has been able to appeal to so many people across tribal lines is through the medium of his music.

His voice is unique and he seems comfortable with it. He also convince his fans to support his music because he is confident in his own style and he knows who he is. Maccasio has a gift for reaching the youth, especially young men, through the lyrics of his songs. His lyrics are meaningful and authentic in that they relate to situations that most young men have found themselves in at one point or another.

He raps in his local language and blend other popular languages but dominate in his native language. Dagbani makes his lirics more authentic since all his fans can relate to what he’s saying as compared to when an artist sings or raps in English that’s not their first language. This makes him stand out from other artists who try too hard to appeal to mainstream audiences by singing only English songs or switching up their styles too often.

However, it's not just an ability to make Afrobeat that's been getting these artists where they are today. They have also built up a following by staying true to themselves and their community—and being in tune with what people like.

Fancy Gadam and Maccasio are from areas in Tamale, which are predominantly Muslim and conservative. While other musicians choose to ignore their roots, they have embraced them: In their music videos and public appearances, they wear traditional clothing that reflects this fact. Because of this approach, they have been able to build up a dedicated Muslim fan base who see them as one of their own, helping them become the highest-paid Ghanaian musicians in the Northern region.

Another thing Fancy Gadam and Maccasio have in common is their constant self-promotion through social media platforms like Facebook and YouTube—they want people to know where they came from and how far they've come. 

Part of their success comes down to how they've always stayed true to themselves and to their community, even as they've grown into more popular musicians on a national scale. They've not forgotten where they started from, or the people who got them where they are today; in fact, both Fancy Gadam and Maccasio have used their platforms to raise up other northern artists. They've not let fame change who they are, either: Fancy Gadam still wears his traditional northern clothing, and Maccasio's music videos still feature the same Ghanaian-inspired outfits he wore as an up-and-comer.

They have also achieve that fame by staying true to themselves and their communities—to who they are at hear. These two artists have become role models for a generation of young northerners, especially young men. Their fans see that it's possible to succeed while retaining the culture that makes you unique. They show the audience that it is possible to embrace one's heritage without losing touch with mainstream culture—one just has to be willing to work hard toward achieving one's goals no matter where one comes from or what one looks like.

These are just a few ways these two talented artists show us the power of staying true to one's self, even in the face of widespread popularity and adulation.

Written by: Basma Ambi

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