Jirry Aloza Vows to sue fancy gadam One Don concert organizers in Walewale sports stadium.

Jiry Aloza Vows to sue the organizers of Fancy Gadam One Don concert in Walewale should they not remove his name from the poster. 

Jirry Aloza from the camp of W. Music is the finest rising superstars from Northeast region of Ghana. Jiry Aloza from a circulating video on social media vows to sue Fancy Gadam One Don concert organizers from Walewale should they print any poster with his name on it. 

The "bata'a nyabe" hit maker came out with reason he discribes fancy gadam for being ungrateful. He stated , he has help fancy gadam a number of times but he appreciates him not. 

He even stress chatting him several times with no reply and that even they met in a studio and fancy gadam refuse to wear or snap a picture with W. Star shirt. This particular actions Aloza was requesting from Fancy Gadam was mean to help promotes him but he refuses. He stated a countless times he has ever help him ( fancy gadam) but  he never shows any appreciation in return. 

Below is a video of what Jirry Aloza said.

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