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Nominations forms for NEMA 2022 is finally out
Don Sigli ft Maccasio ~ Ur body (Produced by Bluebeat)
Aiva ft De Donzy ~ Suraiya ( produced by Dr fiza)
Don Sigli ft Fancy Gadam ~ Nyura ( produced by Bluebeat)
Mzkenzy ft T bird  ~ Dibiviendo ( produced by Mr phresh)
Double Tee ~ Rough Rider (freestyle)
Wolugu lana ~ Kasa baaja ( produced by Peejay)
Don Dee ~ Bad punchlines ( produced by Zamani studio)
Double Tee ~ Doodo ( Maccasio Yohimiyo reply)
Maccasio ~ Yohimiyo ( final diss to double tee)
Double Tee ~ Nyiri vonyabra ( produced by OJAH DRUMS)
For girls killer ( Bikura Nation ) ~ Borinya ABA ( Produced by Melody Beatz)
Shaban_Macaque_(Reply_to_Maccasio & Double Tee).
Maccasio ~ Wicked game ( produced by Suhuyubu studio)
Double Tee ~ hippopotamus ( produced by Ojah drumz)
Download mp3:- Sapashini ~ 1000 luv ( produced by flamesbeat)
Aleewa dagomba ~ Talkative part 3 ( produced by Isan hitz)
Maccasio ~ Kparili puhiriyana ( produced by suhuyubu studio)
Double Tee ~ Maami ( produced by Ojah drumz)
Optional king ft Fadlan ~ Larzhaa ( produced by Bluebeat)
Gee Face exposed for saying Shatta bundle is not a celebrity..
King Shafid ~ Kiss ft Disco Matata ( mixed by Razzybeatz)
Israhim ~ Safe official video and audio
Lil Jay ~ We need money( produced by Jaybeatz)
Samini Sojas ft Jintorob Adu  ~ Baby Rukaya
Lil Jay ~ My baby ( produced by Jaybeatz)
Lil Jay ft Thugjay ~ Abochi ( produced by Thugjay)
Lil Jay ~ No Money no love ( produced by Jaybeatz)
Lil Jay ~ My Fans  ( produced by Jaybeatz)
Lil Jay ~ Will you marry me ( produced by liljay)
Salamu Jinni ~ I no go stop ( produced by Standing Ovation)
Salamujini ~ Ayee ( Emperor EP)
Salamujini ~ Take away freestyle ( produced by Zeebra)
Salamujini~ Emperor
Salamu Jinni ~ Gariyaawa yee
Bone Jarah ~ Yarima ( produced by Bluebeat)
Rescue ft Sabzero ~ Shee kenyoo ( Produced by White money
Shaban ~ samurai ( a reply to Maccasio crocodile)
Lamaley finally explain the brouhaha between him and fancy gadam after the One Don concert
Real Versatile ~ Style ( produced by Thugjay)
Basma Ambi ft DN Queen ~ Ditirima YAAWA ( mixed by NOSIZE)
Lion 50 ~ Parinjani ( Mixed by Thugjay)
Dabba lamaley ft Heavy Dee ~ Mamle ( produced by Dr fiza)
Maccasio ~ Crocodile ( produced by Bluebeat)