LAMALEY laments treatment by fancy gadam

Following Fancy Gadam One Don concert, a lot of complains and issues came out and a very heart touching story is a revelation of how DABBA LAMALEY and his COUNTERPART KONDO was treated in the concert. 
Dabba lamaley is one of the great talents from 5 minutes entertainment that drop a lot of hits which was even mistaken for fancy gadam during 2015. He got melodies and a voice very similar to that of fancy gadam and during then most people thought his own songs was for fancy Gadam. Dabba lamaley was working hand in hand with Kondo and situations makes them to split separately. This separation makes their fame to reduced drastically in recent times though Dabba still exist in the industry. 
In recent times, Dabba lamaley was seen in a Facebook live video lamenting of how fancy gadam now treats him like he never knew him before. He stated that he has helped fancy gadam in many shows including the show at Asawasi in Kumasi that claim about nine people lives. 
The long and short of what happened was that, Lamaley and Kondo was not allowed to enter for fancy Gadam One Don concert to talk of getting the chance to perform. Meanwhile he stress fancy gadam invited him to come for the program but received such treatment when he reaches the gate.
Below is the full video of what exactly happened.

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