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Gaffachi beats Maccasio on audiomark in streams

On social media within the week a number of people keep spreading the difference between the 69 king Maccasio and Gaffachi base on a comparison of the plays both obtain on their audiomark.
The information which reaches northstarsmusic got people saying Maccasio is less paid as compared to Gaffachi in digital platforms especially audiomark with evidence of the plays each got on their albums.
Maccasio release an album Zero to hero almost a year before Gaffachi album real is real and statistics crosschecked by northstarsmusic base on the claims got Gaffachi doubling Maccasio interms of plays on Audiomark. Maccasio got 261k streams and that of had Gaffachi 419K streams.
Below are screenshot confirming the said claims

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