The Awuuyii Nation singer; SAPASHINI is set to drop the Official Music Video for his groovy dancehall hit BANA on 23rd October 2021.

The Awuuyii Nation singer; SAPASHINI is set to drop the Official Music Video for his groovy dancehall hit BANA on 23rd October 2021.
BANA is a song of gratitude and appreciation to everyone who has been supporting the Sapashini brand. The singer can be heard on the song mentioning many people, cities and brands that have been behind him over the years in his music journey. It is a gesture worthy of maximum respect because it is of great importance to often remember that in our journey of life, there are people who are genuinely in support of us and they sacrifice alot to see us successful so appreciating their effort is worth it.

In the past years, Sapashini has been performing on different stages in different cities of his home country; Ghana and his energetic and amazing performances accompanied with wonderful songs has helped grow his fan base beyond Mamprugu. Sapashini sees his fans as family and he is always there to reciprocate their love and keep them entertained and happy.
In the song BANA from the LIVE LIFE ALBUM, we hear a humble artist stating that the love for him is 'crazy' and that he is grateful for the 'loyalty' from his audience, wherever he is; they are. AWUUYII NATION is beyond a brand, it is a family of cheerful people who are not only residing in Ghana. Sapashini has his music successfully penetrating other countries like Burkina Faso, Nigeria, USA and many more. We see in Sapashini an artist who will not only end up as a music legend of Northern Ghana but also as a global artist who has the potential to reach the height of Stonebowy, Burnaboy and other exceptional internationally recognized and decorated artists.
BANA which is produced by Signechọr Vybez is that type of song that makes you start dancing when you planned not to, it's a song that wakes you up from sleep and keep you nodding your head to the rhythm till the last second, it's a type of song that you can listen to for a whole day without getting tired so there is no doubt that it's Official Music Video that is set to be released on 23rd October 2021 will maintain the same magic.
It's a song playing from Tamale to Tema, from Accra to Volta, from Cape Coast to Eastern Region and every other part of the country. BANA which is one of the fifteen rhythmic songs in the LIVE LIFE ALBUM is a joy to the ear, as you enjoy it, you will definitely be triggered to listen to every other song in the album without skipping anyone.
The anticipated Music Video of BANA is directed by Maobi N. of Light Rays Images with Cinematography by Kobbyshots, Mudah. It is also proudly sponsored by American Royal Lodge, Tamale, Ghana and Naagamni Oil Gh. Limited. With all these topnotch collaborations and our undeniable trust in Sapashini's priceless and astonishing outputs, we can be sure of having a visual way beyond satisfactory delivered to us on 23rd October 2021.

I regard BANA as a potential national hit and therefore urge everyone to be part of this outstanding breakthrough irrespective of where you are, you can be part of this interesting movement (Awuuyii Nation) by streaming Sapashini's songs on digital platforms, following him on social media and subscribing to his Official YouTube Channel so you can always be notified each time he releases a content.

Written By:
Membis Okorie Chukwukamma
Music Business Personnel (Nigeria)

Watch official trailer and wait for the full video below

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