Awuuii Nation king, Sapashini has now become the most talked about artist from northern Ghana. He has make waves across the entire country with his single hit Bana.
Sapashini in recent times has been silent for a while with most of his fans complaining of not receiving new songs from him. Today is one of the good news day for his fans. 
The Monica hit maker has been granted an endorsement by DIPANTICHA ENTERPRISE as the brand ambassador of their business. Dipanticha Enterprise is an online business entity that based in Gambaga from the Northeast region of Ghana. They deals in Bitcoin and many online services. 
Sapashini on the 2nd of October 2021, was seen with the CEO of the enterprise with their team members in pictures showing evidence of this particular deal. 

Information reaching has not been specific of the terms and conditions of this contract, the net worth of this deal, and the time frame of the deal has not be specified publicly but remain between the enterprise and sapashini.
So, from today Sapashini remain the brand ambassador for Dipanticha and will start from today officially in advertising this enterprise base on their contract specifications.
Do stay with us for more updates about this. 


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