Fan base is very crucial in the music game. As an artist, if you had less fanbase is like your business having Less customers. Your customers as an artist is your fanbase and so you need them to be able to succeed. Now you will ask yourself, how do I grow my fan ase as an artist. 

What most upcoming artist do is to just record a song and start sharing for people to download. People patronize what they know and will not listen to your song or download it because they don't know you. So what you need to do is to build a good fanbase to get this value. 

The simplest way to do this is to use the social media more preferable, Facebook and Instagram. A lot of peoples like entertainment and so you can use your page on Facebook and Instagram as a way of entertaining your fans. This will make your small followers to invite more people to see your craft. 

How do you entertained them as talked above? Is simple by dropping freestyles or covers at least One minutes every week or 3days on your page for your fans. This should be done consistently to keep peoples minds glue to your page. They will listen to you and share your content to family and friends and this will gradually increase your fanbase. 

Below is a video from a music business guru teepsoul. Watch more on this topic for more understanding. 

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