The hot gossip CEO Afa Zakaria is one of the influential bloggers from Northeast region of Ghana. He hails from Walewale the west mamprusi municipal capital. Afa Zakaria is tiredlessly try everything  possible to uplift mamprugu music industry with his promotion tips that he started long ago call the Hot Gossips. The program was a tool that he initiated to reveal industry secrets that help grow artist, settles disputes among artists, and many more. The program has been silent for quite a long time now. Afa Zakaria on a Facebook post on 30th September 2021 , made it clear to his audience that his hot gossip program will be back to life in a new studio. He stress on asking for support in which ever form to get a chair for his guest of his program. Afa Zakaria in his begging makes it loud and professional. Below is exactly what he wrote on Facebook,,

Several friends on this media think I'm just rude, meanwhile others too understand the ethics, lifestyle and conduct of bloggers as well.

It (blogging) has always been a dream career for me since 2012 when I first organized a successful event at the Bazaar Social Center which featured the late Sky, Double Tee, and OneNaira (the dreamtyme records) label as at then.

I got motivated after the praises and appreciations by Ojah Drumz and the entire squad. This pumped the sweet flavor of music studies, promotion and all kinds of music related issues into my heart.

With this vision, I doled a kind support to many artistes years ago, most of them got management and others traveled too. I later thought of beginning this blogging with a mere music propelling program (Hot Gossips) and this was how it all started.

Today, I have finally gained fame/attention in the game through the program and the blogging business as well.

The picture above is my studio for the program and in fact, I sacrificed in facilitating this just for the growth of the industry and its free for any artiste who carries a story that is worth discussing.

Moreover, it isn't finished yet and I need any form of support from anyone who needs the growth of the industry as well whether in kind or cash.

I purchased a single chair for myself as the host through the benevolence of my team and relatives but wish to get an extra chair for my guest... Thank you and God bless us all. 0546245677 /0208223310.

# Hot_Gossips

 Source: Afa Zak Facebook page

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