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Board Of Directors

Our board of directors consists of a President, Vice-President, Treasurer and Secretary.  Every year, we need parents to step up and volunteer to fill each of these positions so that our organization can continue to function and offer the unique opportunities that take place through out the school year.

Please review the positions descriptions below and see if you would be interesed in filling one of them for the next school year.

President – Presides at all meetings of the board, performing the duties of presiding officer, appoints members of all committees and permforms other duties as specified by the Board of Directors.

Vice-President – Serves in absence of the president and performs other duties as determined by the Board of Directors.

Treasurer – Receive, collect and maintain custody of all funds of the group.  Keeps complete books of account and makes annual and other interim reports (usually monthly) as reqired by the Board of Directors.  Treasurer will also pay out funds for the group for bills approved by the board.

Secretary – Takes the minutes of the proceedings of all meetings of the board and provide notice of upcoming meetings.

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